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1Quickly receive information about new items and sales

As an OR NOT MEMBER, you will be sent the latest sales information through our mail magazine.
We will deliver information to you about new items and sales pertinent to masterpiece archives
and new items from 600 of our carefully selected designers as well as designers.
You will receive notifications at the beginning of every sale, whether it’s for a specific designer
or a sudden one, so there’s no need to worry about being late for the party.

Signing up as a member is easy.

2Collect beneficial EXP

You can be collected per designer EXPERIENCE POINT = EXP

EXP can be used to access various events and for features such as pre-emption at events hosted by OR NOT.

  1. Collect

    Collect by purchasing

    You will receive 1EXP for every ¥100 spent on a designer

    • Example: You will earn 500 GUCCI EXP by purchasing a GUCCI ITEM worth ¥50.000 once.
    Collect by visiting

    You will receive 1EXP for every time you log in to OR NOT

    • 1 EXP per day (you can only earn EXP once a day)

    Further, you can earn a consecutive login bonus by logging in every day.

  2. Use

    Use EXP

    Use EXP to gain access to limited-time events focused on specific designers at OR NOT before other normal members.

    Moreover, your member rank will be determined by your total amount of EXP.
    Depending on your member rank, you may receive limited edition items from the various events hosted by OR NOT.

3Return items other than defects

Items bought at OR NOT may be returned within 14 days after the item’s arrival.
Ordered items may be returned due to reasons such as being the wrong size
or different from what you had expected, depending on the product.

There are a few conditions for making returns, which can be confirmed through the link below.


We quickly deliver beneficial information exclusive to members such as events and sales.

Signing up as a member is easy.