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Another possibility for all the fashion freaks out there.
From consumption to reuse.
A platform to create a sustainable culture.

Carrying on the archive
with evergreen masterpieces at the centre.


Designs that were announced in earlier days by their designers that never lose their splendour; in other words, archive items. A place for carefully selected masterpieces, from archive items to new items, the full width of designer brands, to find their way towards their new owners. From the era where we would consume fashion, ending with wearing the item, to a new era of reuse with the intent to carry the piece to the next place.


Secure delivery
from handpicked Japanese sellers

We introduce you to handpicked sellers with a proven track record of sales achievements in Japan. All items delivered from us have passed intense screening for authenticity (should an item appear to be counterfeit, we will promptly offer a full refund including return shipping)

High-quality content that
can only be experienced at OR NOT

We offer high-quality editorials where all kinds of providers – designers, stylists, editors – convey their messages, which can only be read at OR NOT. We hold events featuring archives and make our appearance at offline events, among other things, to give you an experience that goes beyond the usual channels.

Providing the world
with authentic designer archives from Japan

Our services support five languages (Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean) and
five currencies (Japanese yen, American dollars, Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollars, South Korean won).
Prices are indicated with shipping and customs included, and we can ship anywhere in the world.