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Designers T-shirts

A t-shirt is certainly one of the easier piece to wear, and with a print, to share a message, or values. I only picked white base t-shirts on purpose, I think they all deserve a special place in your wardrobe… I find interesting how major fashion brands and streetwear labels merge on this category.

LAST UPDATE:4 weeks ago

Sarah Andelman

I find this as an unexpected piece from Martine Rose, I like the 90s reference, like a rave ticket…

Supreme always do the best t-shirts! I think this one is very strong with this picture by Jacob Holdt who captured America from the 70s.

Pigalle is the Parisian brand by excellence, run by Stephane Ashpool who is so inspiring!

I like very much this simple idea of the mountains coming out from the pocket.

Totally absurd and fun, we need this too.

Super exciting collaboration between Off-White and artist Futura 2000!

I will always remember the first time I saw a Bape tee with this packaging, sooo incredible, that I never opened it!