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Only nice items

LAST UPDATE:1 week ago

Enon Kawatani
Musician, lyricist, composer

I wore this shirt as part of my outfit performing a concert as indigo la End. It’s kind of gaudy, but not too gaudy, you know? The pattern is pretty intricate, but it’s easy to wear so I think it’ll fit anyone fine. I love this item all the more because it’s really a design that can only be done by Margiela.

I bought this item three, four years ago at the MARNI store. I love MARNI’s knit sweaters, so I personally own several of them as well. I buy a sweater and a pair of pants every season.

These are actually the only pair of short pants I own personally. People probably can’t image me much wearing short pants, but for this the material is good, and it’s almost like they’ve cut a part from the original pair, so the length isn’t that short either. This is a pair I bought because I felt I could use it would fit me well.

You can wear this in any season.

If you want to stand out, this piece is perfect.

Rick Owens pants are seriously comfortable.

You can wear this both casually and formally.

Margiela's items are most comfortable.

An essential item for spring and autumn

I think you can also wear this shirt like a light coat. It’s rare isn’t it?

Collarless Shirts are truly awesome